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Dig The Glove - Burgundy Corduroy

Dig The Glove - Burgundy Corduroy

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€ 24,40
€ 24,40

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• Ultra-soft feel yet hard-wearing fabric that doesn’t stiffen after drying.
• 2-way stretch mesh between fingers regulates hand temperature & improves dexterity.
• Elastane-rich backs enhance fit & dexterity.
• Wrist strap provides snug fit and stops debris dropping into glove.
• Padded palm gives extra cushioning.
• Decorative genuine leather trim.

Machine washable and available in 2 sizes - M/L (8 - 9) and M/L (9.5 - 10.5)

Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

Distributore Wuoppy


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